This agreement, made this ________ day of ______, 20 ___. is made by and between ________________________ and ________________________.

The parties above have signed a roommate agreement for the following address:
on the following date ____________________, 20 ___, for a term lasting from _______ to _________, and plan to reside there together.

A security or damage deposit in the amount of $ ______ was paid to ____________________. This deposit will be refunded within ___ days of ____________ vacating the apartment, less any damages. The parties wish to share the responsibilities of living together at this address.

1- Each of the parties agrees to pay one ____ (percentage ) of the following expenses incurred in relation to the leased premises:

__HEAT __MAINTENANCE/ UPKEEP __OTHER ________________________________

If any of the parties pays more than one ________ (1/ ) share, the other party/parties agree(s) to reimburse the first party.

2- Smoking is permitted/is not permitted in the apartment.

3- Each party agrees to pay for long distance phone calls he/she makes.

4- Each of the parties agrees to remain a resident of the premises during the term of the lease, or to continue to pay his/her share of the rent during the term, unless: A) the party, at his or her own expense, locates a tenant to sublet his/her share, the new tenant being acceptable to the other parties in this agreement, and B) written consent to sublet is obtained from the owner or manager
of the premises. ___________ (Roommate’s name) will give/be given a minimum of ___ days notice before vacating/being asked to vacate the apartment.

5- Repairs or improvements to the premises, the cost of which are to be shared by the parties, in excess of $____, shall be approved in advance.

6- If pets are permitted under this lease, each pet owner shall be solely responsible for all damages caused by his or her pet. This includes, but is not limited to: damages to furniture, carpeting, doors, lawn and garden.

7- Either roommate is able to end the shared living situation at any time, for any or no reason, given that the minimum time before vacating, as stipulated in condition 4 above, is met.

Each roommate please sign below:
___________________________________ ___________________________________Date: _______________________

___________________________________ ___________________________________Date: _______________________

This sample agreement is provided only as a guideline for our clients. Rainbow Roommates operates solely as an information source. We assume no responsibility or liability for the any agreements made between either party.

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