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An on going photo essay project to document the lives of the LGBT community.


New York Peace Institute - a free mediation service serving Brooklyn and Manhattan residents to assist with housing conflicts and other issues.


The New York City Commission on Human Rights.

This City agency is tasked with ensuring New Yorkers are not discriminated against in the realm of employment, public accommodation, and, most importantly housing. When utilizing other non-LGBT-specific services to find housing, be aware of the protections you have, based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.


LGBT Cerebral Palsy Guidance

We are raising awareness for bullying as well as LGBT History, as children with disabilities are sometimes more likely to be bullied than their non disabled peers. This includes children that are also part of the LGBT community. We provide parents of children with cerebral palsy ( ) to have access to reliable information, especially when it comes to delicate topics like these. Equally as important, we provide critical and quality cerebral palsy information and assistance to families in need.


LGBTQ legal resources:



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