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It is FREE to list your available room. Once confirmed, your listing will be seen by the members of our service who will contact you directly for an interview. You can also sign-up to receive a weekly list of roommates whom you can contact directly.  To aid in the interviewing process and in making your search efficient and successful, we will email sample interviewing questions that you can ask prospective roommates. We also provide coaching and interviewing tips as well as a sample roommate agreement


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- Review my  listing -

If you have pictures of the apartment or room that you would like to include with your listing, just email them to us via email and we will include them in your listing. After verification of your information, you can view your listing with the online previews.  Select the previews report for your neighborhood and you can see how your listing compares to others in your area. The listings are in PDF format and are updated regularly.

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 - Edit my listing -

If you have any changes or updates to make to your listing, please email us your new  information or call 212.757.2865 to edit your listing. We will update your listing for same day publishing. Consider changing your rent to optimize the response rate of your listing.

Edit my listing

 - Refresh/Remove my listing -

To make your listing most effective, you can  email an update of your listing's status or you can call 212.757.2865. Updating weekly is recommended as this will insure that your listing is kept fresh and placed on top of the roster regularly. Otherwise, we will send a weekly email asking you to reply with the status of your situation


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